The secret of love and harmonious relationships


Scientists are still researching human relationships, communicating with the dog, and the results so far show that the process of being together benefits both!

The secret of love and harmonious relationships is "Doggy Joy" at the right time and place!

We increase the well-being of dogs and people, as well as the overall quality of life!

Wherever you go together, remember to take "Doggy Joy" with you as Rosh and his friends do!

Greetings in the mood of love and Valentines day,

Your "Doggy Joy"

Merry Christmas!


Dear customers and partners!

Thank you very much for your cooperation in 2020!

What we have done together - delights and inspires to new goals!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!

Your PETFEST with "Doggy Joy"!

Winner of the November FB competition


The winner of the November FB competition is Kristīne and the lucky recipient of the dog treats "Doggy Joy" is Ričs!

"Here's a photo of happy Ričs receiving the award."

Kristīne, the owner of Ričs

Review by Maxwell's hostess Gita


"My dog ​​is happy for treats. He licks my feet after them, so he says thank you! Enjoy them because he eats his main meal in half a minute. THANK YOU from us!"

Gita and Maxwell

Back to school!


Today on 1st of September it's a good time to remind that "Doggy Joy" is your best dog training assistant!

We wish you good luck in training process and only positive emotions being together with us!


Sky hostess Alina Sadovska's review


"We really like to learn new things with the dog, so in our home dog treats are always and they disappear pretty quickly.

"Doggy Joy" delicacies are easy to break into smaller bites for training,

after them there are no greasy fingers, but most importantly

they taste great to the dog and after them he does not have a stomach ache. :) "

Alina Sadovska and Sky

International CACIAG agility competition "Riga Cup 2020" together with "Doggy Joy" on August 15-16.


The association "AgiLatLand" has been organizing the "Riga Cup" competition since 2013 and it is the largest dog sports agility event in Latvia, which this year was supported by: Royal Canin, Barfus, Manas garšas and Doggy Joy!

Svetlana Krēsliņa won CACIAG title in S category with Chi and M category with Real, in L category Inga Petrova with Afu. 80 pairs from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia took part in the competition.

The competition was judged by Estonian judge Stefi Praaki.

Juris Maurāns captured the most beautiful moments of the competition in photos.

Your best dog training assistant - "Doggy Joy"!

Happy Midsummer!


Dear dog owner!

Be responsible and before going to the Midsummer party, think carefully about your pet during the holidays - what to eat, what to drink, how to play, how to isolate for safety...... So that the dog does not disappoint you in obedience, take treats with you! "Doggy Joy "- the best helper in dog training!



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