About us

Our team consists of professionals with more than 15 years of experience - focused on the delicacies, carefully developed veterinary-formulated recipes, choosing only the highest quality ingredients to offer dogs the best.

Your best dog training assistant - "DOGGY JOY"!

  • 100% natural
  • Treats made of the best quality meat
  • Veterinary based recipes
  • Top quality packaging
  • Handmade for quality


The health of your dog is our top priority!

Natural ingredients and our special recipes make our products loved. Day-to-day care of our dogs, pampering them, their DOGGY JOY treats, being together, common walks are the best we can give in return for their love and obedience.

DOGGY JOY treats are made using only farm-raised meat, not containing any colorings, flavorings or any other additives.  Our products are therefore recognized as hypoallergenic and recommended for all dogs.

When it comes to food, just like people, dogs also have different preferences.  DOGGY JOY offers a wide range of flavors that will surely satisfy any dog.  Our products vary not only in meat types used, but also in their interesting and irregular shapes and hardneses, to satisfy any dogs taste. 

DOGGY JOY treats are complementary food to be offered with fresh drinking water.  DOGGY JOY treats are ideal for your dogs training process.  For the training process, we recommend choosing the softest, easily dividable types. Remember, your dog needs to be rewarded each time your request is executed.

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